Female Hair Loss – From Serums to Mesh Integration

Discover the true cause of hair loss and how fast this supplement can regrow hair.

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Female Hair Loss Menopause Treatments

My Story

Female hair loss is a journey, that unfortunately, many women embark on, often in silence, grappling with its emotional and physical toll.

It’s a path marked by the search for solutions, hope, and a desire to reclaim not just hair, but also confidence and a sense of self.

This is my story, one that intertwines with the experiences of countless other women trying to deal with the emotional effects of female hair loss.

Personal Journey with Female Hair Loss

An image depicting a variety of hair growth serums in elegant, sleek bottles of different shapes and sizes, placed against a minimalist background. The image should convey a sense of hope and the diverse range of solutions available for hair loss, suitable for a blog post discussing personal experiences with these products.As a now 60 year old woman, my battle with hair loss has been long and challenging.

My hair loss was triggered by menopause and exacerbated by medications for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, I noticed that my hair was gradually began to thin. The emotional stress of life, like an uninvited guest, further accelerated my hair loss.

However, it was not just a physical change but an emotional challenge, as each strand of hair lost seemed to carry away a piece of my identity and self-confidence.

Exploring Hair Growth Serums

Like many people I turned to the Internet in a bid to try and stop my female hair loss. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that there was a bewildering selection of hair growth serums to chose from. Over a couple of years, I experimented with various products and formulations, each promising hope in a bottle.

I dutifully followed the instructions and was determined to be as consistent as possible. While my remaining hair maintained its health, looking fuller and well-conditioned, the balding areas on my scalp continued to expand.

The Daily Grind

The daily routine of washing, drying and serum application became not only time-consuming but also a reminder of the relentless progression of hair loss. My hairdresser was very supportive and styled my hair to best cover the thinning areas.

As each product failed to provide any sign of slowing or stopping my hair loss, I found another one promising better results. Sadly, for me at least, my problem persisted and was getting worse by the month.

I was now at the point where I needed to find a solution that be more practical.

The Wig Experience

I needed a respite from the daily hair care routines. I eventually found a woman on FaceBook who lived close (well fairly close) to where I now live.

Having experienced female hair loss, she had been a wig wearer herself, due to alopecia. She understood how important the decision to try wearing a wig was. I very quickly saw that the quality of modern wigs were much better than I expected and decided to buy one there and then.

An image depicting a variety of wigs, natural looking, elegant, sleek wigs and hair extensions of different shapes and sizes, placed against a minimalist background. The image should convey a sense of hope and the diverse range of solutions available for hair loss, suitable for a blog post discussing personal experiences with these products.Initially, the wig appeared to be a perfect, hassle-free solution to my problem. The idea of simply donning a wig when I was going out to cover the areas of hair loss seemed so straightforward and promising. However, the reality was more complicated than I had anticipated.

Reality sets in

At first, wearing a wig brought a sense of relief. It looked great, my partner loved the new look. When my daughter saw it first she just assumed I had been to hairdresser.

But as time passed, the downsides became apparent. The wig began to feel less like a part of me and more like an uncomfortable, foreign object on my head. It required frequent adjustments and maintenance, turning the initial convenience into a source of constant discomfort.

Over time the wig started losing its shape, diminishing its natural appearance. The loss of shape meant I spent more time and effort spent in trying to make it look right, often without much success. The wig, which was supposed to restore my confidence, instead became a reminder of the hair loss I was trying to conceal.

Female Hair Loss – a New Solution

By now my social media apps, FaceBook and Instagram where flooded with stories about hair loss, serums, shampoos and different systems. I looked at a lot of scalp covering systems which integrated you existing hair with various techniques.

However, most of the solutions looked difficult to live with and needed a lot of maintainence and more importantly, seemed more likely to damage the hair that I still had. Then, I discovered what looked like a light at the end of the tunnel.

I was browsing Instagram one day and an Instagram Reel showed a hairdresser, based in Northern Ireland, that had a non-surgical, 100% cosmetic, mesh hair integration system, iHobbs Hair. This innovative solution was unlike anything I had seen before. The system involves a breathable mesh applied to the scalp, into which your own natural hair is woven.

To cut a long story short, I arranged a consultation and very quickly decided that this was going to be a solution I could live with. The mesh integration system blended seamlessly with my natural hair, offering a realistic and comfortable alternative to wigs and serums.

The Transformation

Female Hair Loss Mesh Hair IntegrationThe transformation was so convincing that even my daughter and grandchildren believed I had simply gotten a new haircut. This system restored not just my hair but my confidence, allowing me to look in the mirror and see myself again.

This method creates a look that was both natural and comfortable, a stark contrast to the wigs and serums I had previously used.

The transformation was remarkable. For the first time in a long while, I looked in the mirror and saw myself – not a version of me masked by wigs or serums, but the real me.

The system was so effective that even my closest family members were convinced I had simply had my haircut.

What was most striking about this solution was the restoration of my confidence.

The mesh integration system gave me back a part of my identity that I thought was lost. It allowed me to step out into the world without the self-consciousness that had shadowed me for so long.


My journey through hair loss, and the myriad of solutions I tried over what was now a number of years, is a testament to the resilience and persistence many women exhibit in the face of this challenge.

A modern, abstract vector image representing female hair loss, with delicate strands of hair gently falling across a serene, soft-colored background.The mesh integration system by iHobbs Hair was my saving grace, a solution that finally aligned with my needs and lifestyle.

For those walking a similar path, know that there are solutions out there. It’s about finding the one that restores not just your hair, but your joy and confidence in yourself.

This journey through various hair loss solutions has been an enlightening one. I know serums work for other people, and that was what was frustrating for me, why didn’t they work for me. It’s a path many women travel. Everyone will find a different solution, a different product, that hopefully restores not only their hair but also that self-confidence and sense of being yourself again.

Take my story, my experience, as a reminder that even in the midst of the struggle, there can be a solution that brings back not just your hair, but your joy and self-assurance.

For those of you facing similar challenges, remember that the journey to finding the right solution will be unique to you. What works for one person might not work for another, but there is hope. There are solutions out there that can bring back not just your hair, but also your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the mesh integration system??

The hairdressing salon I found was called, iHobbs Hair Salon, If you do a google search for “hair mesh integration system” you should be able to find a practioner in your local area. If you are having difficulty then why drop iHobbs a message and they be able to point you in the right direction. 

How long did it take to have the mesh system fitted?

The initial fitting took three hours, but that includes cutting, preparing and conditioning your existing hair before starting on fitting the mesh system.

Is it painful to have fitted?

No. There is a slight discomfort as the existing hair is pulled through the mesh in order to fix to you scalp but it isn’t painful.

Is there a lot of maintenance required to keep it looking good?

The system doesn’t require a lot of daily work. There is no daily dressing required and, if fitted correctly, there is no damage to your existing hair. As you existing hair continues to grow, you do need to have a refitting appointment every 6-8 weeks to have the system removed, your scalp and hair reconditioned and then the system refitted.  

Do you have to shave off your existing hair before having the system fitted?

No. Once you decide on a style, color and length you want your new hair to be, your existing hair is cut to match the new look and then it is integrated into the mesh system.

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Affiliate Link: We may earn a commission on any purchase you make.

Marie Hillock

Written by Marie Hillock

Marie Hillock is 59 years old and tells her own story of dealing with hair loss caused by a combination of the menopause and medications to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In researching the topic of female hair loss Marie has found a lot of information which she believes will be helpful to other women experiencing a similar problem.

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