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Discover a liitle more about the creators of this blog, dedicated to providing information on female hair loss.

Marie Hillock

Hey there, I’m Marie

Hey there, I’m Marie, a 60-year-old woman who understands the challenges of hair loss. I’ve personally experienced the impact it can have on self-confidence and overall well-being. After years of searching for solutions, I’ve discovered effective ways to manage hair loss and regain my sense of self. Through my blog, I aim to share insights, tips, and valuable resources to help others navigate this journey with grace and confidence. Together, we can embrace our unique beauty and empower one another to feel fabulous at any age.
A small black and white cat sitting on railings next to a satellite dish

I'm a cat person

She’s called Fluff

Magheraroarty Beach, Donegal

Currently living in

Gortahork, Donegal

A picture a married couple dressed in white in front of a beautiful sunset in Mauritius

Daughters Wedding April 2023


Two cats, one white and ginger, one black and white. Sitting on a grey settee with a cushion between them.

More cats

Ginger & Poirot

Man towing his two grand children, who are sitting on a body board, down a large sand dune

Hey there, I’m Mark

I am a 63 years old, I worked in the IT industry for many, many years. I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland and am now “living the dream” with my partner Marie, in north west Donegal.

I manage the technical aspects of the Blog, so if you find anything that’s not working you can contact me to sort it out.

I’m currently trying to teach myself to wing foil and we are in the process building an organic garden. 

A man on a wing foil

One day, I hope to do this

Wing Foil

A view across to Mount Errigal

Currently living in

Gortahork, Donegal

A man walking alongside  a female lion in a safari park in Mauritius

Favorite Holiday


A country garden at the back of a house with a shed in the distance

Work Started

The vegetable garden